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About my art

All my artworks are made by hand, mostly using oil pastels, wax pastels and coloured pencils; even if I strongly admire the amazing use of digital tools made by some of my colleagues, I’m also a bit too lazy and too fond of manual techniques to adapt to these new and powerful possibilities.

There’s a number of recurring subjects in my illustrations, but the one I love the most is Nature: when I’m out in the open air, I’m inspired by natural surroundings. Typically, I’m searching for shapes I’ve already drawn, that I know well: some green patch, gardens, hedges, varied trees, country lanes, small buildings, staircases, sunny walls, glimpses of wildness, shorelines, beaches…

I am particularly interested in the relationship between lights and shadows, and I enjoy trying to translate it on paper.

Punta sulle nuvole

sugli alberi e su altre cose mute,

non tue, non vicine,

non addestrate a compiacerti.

Punta sulla luce, cercala sempre,

infine punta sulla tua follia,

se ce l'hai, se non te l'hanno rubata

da piccolo.

Franco Arminio

About me

Andrea Serio,


I’ve never really decided to be an artist. I always loved drawing. I can not remember a time where I wasn’t enjoying it and, since childhood, I always dreamed to become a painter.

As an artist, today more than ever, I feel compelled to express, through the content of my work and with my professional decisions, all my strong dissent, alongside with my deep concern over it, about the climate of intolerance, xenophobia and violence established, at this very moment, in my country, but also in the rest of Europe - and overseas.

I want to believe that Art, by carrying Beauty to our lives and with its undeniable ability to overcome cultural and ethnic differences, can provide hope and bring justice.